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Holiday Parties & Events

Lets face it, people love to celebrate, especially around the holidays. Let us explain a few reasons why you should choose Sky Meadow as your perfect venue to throw any holiday event. No matter who with, whether that be with family, friends, or corporate associates, celebrating holidays is something that brings people together. Choosing a venue that is exceptional when it comes to the set up, performance, and entertainment of a holiday party makes all the difference. Here at Sky Meadow, we have expert banquet managers and a professional staff to help make your event surpass your expectation and run smoothly. 

Sky Meadow Country Club has a beautifully decorated and freshly renovated ballroom that makes for the perfect venue to host your holiday gathering. Not only will the venue fit your needs through accommodating big and small parties, as well as having a beautiful set up when you arrive, we also work with top rated vendors, such as DJ's, photographers, caterers, decorators, and more!

The events that are held at Sky Meadow go down in history as fun, easy, and memorable. We are passionate about throwing the best events and exceeding all expectations. We are open year round to help you plan your event. If you would like to schedule a holiday party, please contact us to create your event. Make sure to ask about our amazing vendors!

Contact us at: (603)888-9000 or email [email protected]